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Talli Joe | Restaurant Review

Yesterday lunchtime, I headed to Talli Joe to try out their new brunch menu - ‘90 minutes of regional Indian dishes, good vibes and bottomless prosecco’ for £35pp. As an Indian-inspired food blogger, I was excited to try a variety of their small plates; and as expected there is a great selection of dishes on offer - chickpea and potato chaat with spicy and tangy chutney, goan style fiery and piquant prawns and Keralan style coconut pudding with poached berries to name a few.

We had made a booking beforehand, and were seated straight away on arrival. I’ve recently given up meat, and it was easy enough to get the meat-based small plates swapped out for vegetarian dishes. Instead of the Old Delhi Butter Chicken Pulao, the chicken was swapped out with paneer; and the Venison Keema stuffed Parathas were instead filled with melted cheese and mushrooms - definately good swaps!

The small plates were served on a large thali dish, perfect for sharing and you have unlimited food and prosecco for 90 minutes.

The vibrant and bold cooking is perhaps best embodied by the Prawn Balchao - spicy prawns cooked in the flavours of a traditional Goan style curry. The spice factor is high, but the depth of flavour combined with the freshness of the prawns is a winner! For me, the innovation of Talli Joe’s food shines through in their Crispy Pavakkai - crispy fried bitter gourd and citrus salt. Think vegetable crisps, but with a slight bitterness and hint of citrus - a pleasant surprise!

You only get one pudding option with the brunch, and we enjoyed the tender coconut pudding. Perhaps not the most innovative pudding on their menu, but it’s a sweet, fresh finish to a meal with lots of spice, flavour and taste bud explosiveness.

The service was absolutely brilliant; I was never without any prosecco - always served with a fresh glass of prosecco, just before I’ve finished my current drink. The food really is unlimited for 90 minutes - we asked for extra butter paneer and naan, both dishes absolutely delicious and morish, and it was on our tables in less than 10 minutes.

So if you are looking for a bottomless brunch option that has a variety of options, food that is innovative, spicy and delicious, with wonderful service, then Talli Joe should most definitely grab a spot on your brunch bucket list!


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